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Rahu is a fantastic schemer, something which is required for a politician. So having a strong Rahu is essential. Now coming to the charts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, there are many birth charts being suggested as the right one. While 90 per cent of the astrologers say Modi has a Scorpio Ascendant, I beg to differ and am convinced he has a Libra ascendant. A Yoga is when one planet, sign or house is related to another of the same kind or different by way of placement, aspect or conjunction.

It creates a favourable period as a result. The yoga makes him a clear winner and a high achiever. The language he will always speak is development. His moon is conjunct with Mars and so his power will come from natural calamities, wars and situations. Modi also has a Raj Yoga in his second house, which is the house of enterprise. He is currently going through Moon Dasha and that is going to take him to victory. Rahul Gandhi has a Virgo Ascendant and his chart is not a political horoscope. His Rahu is not strong.

He will be a fantastic person otherwise but lacks leadership of Sun or foresight of Rahu. This means he does not go with his own instinct and is guided by people and advisers. One of them is based on a school-leaving certificate and I have picked this as a reference for my prediction. According to this, he has a Leo Ascendant ruled by Sun. Sun represents power, authority and administrative skills.

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It also shows a dominating character and one who is fearless. Jupiter is in his own 5th house, which brings him an abundance of luck as well. Venus is his 10th lord and it is conjunct with Mercury, making him a great orator.

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Mercury is in an exalted position, too. He is currently in Moon Dasha and it is well placed in his chart. He is looking to be a winner even though there are challenges owing to his Venus-Rahu sub-period. The sub-period of Rahu is not favourable for any Mahadasha. Besides, he is passing through Sade Sati, the return of the seven-and-a half year phase of Saturn transiting through the natal moon, which is the worst time. Saturn is in a debilitated house. There will be quite a few internal problems within the Congress party and this will negatively impact the party.

It is a time for introspection and self-reflection for both parties — BJP and the Congress.

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Nothing is fixed in this world so let us pray for the highest and best for the country. Narendra Modi: He is currently going through Moon period until , which is a very favourable period for him. The Neechabhanga Raja Yoga period has elevated him to the position of a prime minister. From June , for seven years, Mars Dasha begins, which will make him more powerful. However, Mars is in debilitation in Cancer in the Navamsa chart, which should bring up minor issues.

He will overcome this by ignoring his detractors and enemies.

Analysis of Shri Narendra Modi's horoscope

He will rule with his energy and his social acceptance will only get better in the years to come. Rahu is transiting over the Sun and Mars through the 9th House of Fortune. In fact, traditional voters of Congress will stay loyal and vote for the party. Mathur that he will go a long way in politics. He will get a high post and antardasha Jupiter will be very profitable for him.

Narendra Modi Birthday Prediction

The planetary move after 16th May is very favorable for him and he will become popular. As he the chief advisor of Mr. Modi, hence his birth chart also indicates the better time for Mr. Due to week Mercury, BJP will not be able to make the government on its own, without any support.

They would lose some seats unexpectedly. So, they would have to make strong compromises to get in the league of power. At this time, the horoscope chart of congress shows Rahu in mahadasha, Jupiter in antardasha are moving at the first level in Venus. The birth chart does not indicate such bad situation as it has been propagated.

Will Narendra Modi win in 12222?

But the contestants from congress, Mr. Which has to be borne by the party. BJP with its supporting parties will claim to make the government but before this they would have to do get into severe political bargain. The week after election results declaration is very important and it would be the talk of the town. BJP will be in a secure position by 18th May The current Lok sabha session will end on 31st May The planetary move of Jupiter, in Mr.

Finally a lot of event sequence seems to be favorable for him. Astrology of Numerology. Neechabhanga Raja yog The term Neechabhanga indicates cancellation of debilitation. The six powers of the planets, in Mr. Om Prakash Mathur — Mr. Some details attracted my attention that person with Shani as Atma karaka in Sinha rashi is managing his state so well Shani as Atma karaka is not supporting such high status , that people form other states are willing to vote for him in elections.

I am collecting charts of people where I see that chart is not supporting events in life. I have My research finalised as new program for astrological calculations which are more precise due to different way how ephemeris are chosen, two main difference are it is with out illusion which affects light, for example Earth atmosphere is working as lens, due that light path is changed, so we took this illusion away and second we use topocentric coordinates, as we are taking birth on surface of Earth not in the core of Earth.

When I made Mr. Modi chart in shiva.