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It may be that they just don't have anything to talk about when they're alone. Leo Moon likes sex because they want to feel sexy and attractive. Aquarius Moon likes sex because it is taboo and it can break taboos. While Aquarius Moon is generally more open to having different partners, Leo Moon is more jealous.


It may be game if it gets the attention it seeks. If so, then the more the merrier. Polyamory isn't a rule for them, but sex and having fun with sex is not something they keep to themselves. There is no shame involved. It may be impossible for either one of them to have shame, and together, they're all for pushing boundaries. Gender bending, costumes, sex clubs, decorating their bedroom like a Persian harem: this is fine. This is fun. Aquarius Moon respects that Leo Moon needs to feel sexy and it is willing to say whatever Leo Moon wants to hear.

Leo Moon, in turn, is willing to try whatever Aquarius Moon wants to do, even if they might get caught by the police having sex in the park The main problem is that these two can't be alone together. They don't mind it, but they don't particularly like it. Once they get used to each other, they don't feel like enough people to each other. Having children can certainly fix the problem. There is always something new, exciting, scary, nerve-wracking, and maddening happening with children.

If they don't want to have children, getting involved in some sort of charity or other social effort allows them to grow closer while bringing more people into their lives. This is an easy goal to obtain. There isn't much either has to do to make this work other than try to remember that the relationship is primarily about the two of them.

Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, they're your superstar, but will the light ever fade? If you want to know if Leo Moon is your crazy cool other half, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Leo or Aquarius, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner. Zodiac Compatibility Horoscopes according to individual traits of each Zodiac Sign.

No one tells either of them what to do! Either one. Leo Aquarius Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope. Horoscope Comments: Aquarius Leo Compatibility Horoscope. They might get angry, even furious, but they recover quickly. Failures do not make them desperate, but furious and driven to make it better next time. These people are focused on personal development and not particularly empathic or compassionate.

How to Plan the Perfect Date Based on Your Crush's Moon Sign

However, they are not a type of people to deceive others, play gales and tricks on people. They are honorable and brave. Depending on other aspects in their birth chart, they have qualities of amazing, inspirational leaders. Overall, with the sun in Aries, there is not much doubting or reconsidering. These people are determined about everything they would like to do. They seem unstoppable. These people are honest. They would make sure that their attitude is clear. They prefer action to words.

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We need both our reason and our emotions in order to function at our best. The Moon makes us dream and fantasize. It helps us feel the world, not simply perceive it logically. It paints our world with emotions. The Moon is our inner voice. It makes one irritable, anxious, insecure and moody.

The Moon changes positions quickly, so it greatly affects our mood in general. Even some official disciplines prove the Moon affects the way we feel. In astrology, the Moon also symbolizes our true, deepest needs. People with the Moon in Aquarius bring their emotional self to another level of being emotional. They are great philanthropists. These people have strong inborn need to help the whole humanity, not simply an individual.

They put emotions on a larger scale.

Taurus-Aquarius Compatibility

This could be an advantage, just as it has its bad sides. Aquarius Moon people often see as if it is their purpose to save the humanity from corruption and all sorts of problems. These people find great emotional fulfillment in helping others. They boldly stand out for those who need support, help and who cannot defend themselves. You could often find them leading revolutionary movements for the sake of the better world. They want to make the world a place good for all people to live in.

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They are tolerant and understanding. However, paradoxically, they also show a great degree of intolerance. They cannot stand injustice and bad treatment of those whom they perceive as weak and fragile. Aquarius Moon people want equality and understanding. They believe in a global community and they are truly cosmopolitan in their views. They enjoy meeting new people and trying to understand their lives. With their idealistic views and enthusiasm for the better world, along with their humanitarian nature, combined with fierceness and daring spirit, these people could really make a change.

Aries Sun Aquarius moon are optimistic, idealistic, practical and daring. They possess amazing energy and charisma. People would gladly follow such one. What s very important is that these ones are authoritative and dominant, but not aggressive.

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Aquarius Moon softens raw energy found in Aries and makes it peaceful, yet determined and strong. These people express both leading and diplomatic skills, which makes a remarkable combination. They love people and people love them back. These people are the best described as involved. They care; they truly care about the world and the people. They are philanthropists, pacifistic and oriented towards making a change for the sake of all. They are not selfish. Aries gives them high self-esteem and strength, but Aquarius orients it towards wider image. They do not stay focused solely on their own personal development, but they develop themselves for the sake of the whole humankind.