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Some bouts of jealousy can also occur. Venus can bring someone, can repair something. Neptune retrograde can make you unsatisfied with what you have now. You will have plenty of work and the stars are on your side. You can find yourself in some contradictory situations with your superiors because you are trying to solve problems by yourself, without consulting others. Some obstacles may occur while trying to achieve your goals, but these obstacles will not be very difficult to overcome.

Try to work in a creative way, by avoiding routine. In , it is possible to get professional recognition, and even to earn a great amount of money. If you have specific projects, find the necessary investors to put them in practice. In the second part of the year, you can expect big expenses. Our advice is to listen to your intuition.

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The beginning of the year brings some health issues caused, on one hand, by the stress you are exposed to and, on the other hand, by poor diet. This year, health should be the main concern for the Capricorn natives. You are advised to start any new project in the second half of the year. Read more on: Taurus Family and Social Life. Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on our website are personal views and experiences of our clients. We promise the best of the services with truth, faith and devotion.

There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary as every individual has its own horoscope and different pattern of their planets. Hence, results or final effects of remedies could vary from person to person. Privacy Terms and Conditions Refund Policy. Site Map Contact Us. Similarly, if Saturn is placed fourth and eight from the natal moon, period of Dhaiya takes place. Period of Sadhe Sati is seven and a half year and period of Dhaiya is two and a half year.

These two periods are considered very difficult time in a native's life. He has to face many hardship and problems in life and gets no respite from any circle. Astrologically, speaking, this is the time when a person experiences enlightment while going through the hard time.


By suffering hardship, a person is balancing his sins. Here, we can understand the difference in the nature of Mars and Saturn. Hardship faced by a person under the influence of Mars can make him a dacoit or thief. But, this is not the case with Saturn. In such circumstances, the Saturn will turn a person towards spirituality and forces him to think what is the cause of his misery i. Slowly he becomes pious. Diseases given by Saturn: Pneumatic pain, injury in legs, long diseases etc. There would be no life on earth without Sun.

Astrologically speaking Sun is the centre of extreme power and all the planets revolve around him due to his huge gravitational force.

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Sun is indeed the Lord and Almighty. He is Prana and plays vital role in the life of human beings.

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Here, in this article, I shall try to highlight the very importance of Lord Sun in Vedic Astrology also. In out Solar System, all the planets revolve round the Sun in a separate orbit. Sun gives light and life. All the planets depend on Sun for energy. He is the most powerful of all the planets in our solar system. All the energies on the earth are fuelled by the rays of Sun. Due to this power, he is considered as King or father of our solar system. Sun rays are connected with the inner most spirit of human beings. Hence, the Sun is depicted as the Soul of the universe representing the life-force on the earth.

Sun is self of a person.

Lal Kitab Horoscope and Astrology Prediction, Lal Kitab Chart and Remedies

Favorable placement of Sun in a horoscope brings fame and power to a person in all areas including the field of occupation. It has power to grant great political power. Adverse placement can make a person arrogant and may cause mental and emotional disorders. Pessimistic attitude and humiliation at the hands of others become part of the life. Numerologically, his number is One.

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Importance of Lord Sun can be realized with the fact that his presence brings hope and energy in the form of day and his absence brings night in the form of dark. Sun governs Soul and Moon rules emotions and feelings. There would be no life on earth without these two luminaries. Astrologically speaking, Moon denotes mental and emotional power in human beings.

She is Mann feelings which plays very important role in the life of human beings in maintaining stable relations with each others. Here, in this article, I shall try to highlight the astrological role Moon plays in the life of human beings. Moon is considered Queen of the Solar System. According to Vedic System of Astrology, Moon is a natural benefic and is capable of giving great mental power and prosperity.

Prosperity in life is directly linked with the combined positions of Moon with Jupiter or other benefic planets in a horoscope. Jupiter signifies wealth. The combination of these two planets is specially considered very auspicious for wealth and prosperity. Moon is considered tender by nature and represents love and beauty. Poets have written lot on the beauty of Moon and have compared the beauty of woman with Moon in their poems.

2020 Taurus Yearly Horoscope – Remedies and Useful Tips

Moon has been a favorable subject for the scientist too. Though Moon is smallest among planets but due to its closeness with the Earth, she has enormous effect on the human beings on the earth. It has direct affect on females. The menstrual periods are governed by the movement and difference phases of Moon.

The Sun and Moon are considered the two eyes of the universe. The Moon is so important and auspicious in Hindu mythology that women break their fast after having a look at Moon in the night. Some special fasts are directly related to Moon. In Vedic Astrology, Moon has been considered as having the power of ascendant and extraordinary importance is given by preparing separate natal chart using Moon as Ascendant.

Major and sub period in Hindu astrology are based on the Moon nakshatras. Water is element of Moon. Gravitational force of Moon and Sun causes tides in the Oceans. Moon has no light of its own. She reflects the sun light on earth. Moon represents mother as she nourishes the life on earth as a mother. Positive Moon indicates joy, enthusiasm and peace of mind in life while negative or afflicted moon causes tensions, depression, suicidal tendency and pessimistic attitude.

The Moon is like the window we are looking through. Whatever affects the Moon, deeply affects our heart and emotions. She has been allotted number 2 in numerology. Ancient sages of India have rightly given bigger importance than the Sun in the development of mankind. Moon reflects the entire personality of a human being in terms of psychological growth.

Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 27 days Approx. This is also considered as highly beneficial planet. Jupiter bestows with everything best if it is favorably placed in the horoscope of a person. His nature signifies growth and development. The person under his influence will be lucky, fortunate, religious, successful and generous with high moral values. Jupiter is considered as Guru in Indian Astrology as Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Guru means one which is vast and great. Jupiter is the ruler of the two signs Sagittarius and Pisces. He is exalted in Cancer Sign and debilitated in Capricorn. Occupation wise Jupiter signifies its influences on priests and teachers.

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  7. Negative Jupiter in a horoscope indicates pessimism, depression, and exhaustion. Color is yellow and gemstone is Yellow Sapphire. He takes one year to complete his orbit path. Auspiciousness of this planet can be judged from the fact that his aspect on any malefic planet reduces his bad effect to sufficient degree. He has the power to balance the ill effect of malefic planets. In the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the signficator Karak of his husband and happy married life. If posited in favorable position, it ensures happy relations in married life. In adverse situation, he makes a woman adamant and arrogant causing damage to her married life.

    Jaundice and liver problems are caused by the ill effect of this planet. If placed in 12th house, he gives moksha after death. This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning. This is the brightest planet in the sky.

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