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All the videos are available on Sapta Rishis Youtube page. Like Dr. Mishra's many excellent books, this discussion is also in Hindi language. Therefore I guess, non-Hindi Jyotish world is still unaware. A noted Sanskrit scholar, Dr. Mishra follows and teaches Shastric Jyotish that is, astrology according to traditional scriptures. Some of the noteworthy points of his discussions are as follows. Despite it is a mine of almost all Jyotish tools and techniques. Mishra also alluded why chapters of BPHS does not appear to us in logical order.

Figuratively, Brihat Jataka is like refined butter extracted from 'Jyotish milk'. He was not an innovator of separate school of astrology. Rather Jaimini only explained a part Kand of Parashar Hora. Jyotish Shastras do not instruct to follow this innovative approach. For discerning twin births, check their Navamsa D9 or Shashtiamsa D60 figures as stand-alone charts.

Sepcial Lagnas also help. Therefore it should give more importance than total numerical value of Shadbala. It has certain astronomical conditions that rarely fulfilled by a planet except Jupiter. A planet about to combust is termed Mrit Avastha; and placed farthest from Sun is called Yuva Avastha. It will be really helpful. Thanks for the help. Her dob is: 19 May 82 at pm in Ambala Cantt. Now we want to match it to a guy and his dob is: Jan 14, , at 1.

We are really interested in the family but again both of them have madhya nadi dosha.

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Is there a remedy for this. Can they get married? My family believes in matching horoscopes and would only get this done if the effect of nadi dosha can be cancelled. They both agree that my daughter and the boy are manglik but your match making programme keeps saying that the boy is not manglik. The details of my daughter are as follows:.

While i did a match charts using ur software.. Recently a guy proposed me to marry him.. Now I am in a dilemma whether I should say yes or no as I believe strongly in match-making of horoscopes for a succesful marriage.. Plz tell me whether he will be a good match for me or not?

I really need your help as he is in deeply love with me. Hello Kshitij, A very happy and prosperous new year to you! However, I have been in a long term relationship 7 years but when i matched my kundali with the girl, to my surprise, only 5. Is this a critical situation I am in now. Because we plan to get married this year and when our parents would match our kundali, everything would go drastically wrong, being their firm believers of Kundali matching. Brother, please help me as it has become impossible for both of us to live without each other.

Is it a drastic faliure of a marrige if only 5. I am in urgent need of your help…. If guna matching really affects my being with the girl, it would wrap up my entire life, as it is next to impossible living without somebody who helped me become the successful man I am today. Everything is useless without her being there……please help me out of the critical situation…. Dear sir, can you please match myself and my partner for suitability for marriage.

On the applet we scored 28, but Yoni was 0. How will this affect us? Dear Sir. If varna and bhakoota matches are both zero points — what specific issues will the match face? Dear Sir, would you please match myself with my partner for marriage suitability? My partners and mine kundali is matching with But hers Gana is Rakshas and mine is Mnushya. Hers Yoni is Tiger and mine is Cow can we marry to each other. Dear Sharmaji, I have 2 horoscopes the groom and the bride horoscope. I dont want to disclose my name either brides name. I am mentioning the details Can u advice me whether the Horoscope match making results are beneficial for us or not.

I would appreciate your urgent reply with regards to marriage. U can email me on namujoshi6 yahoo. I have been in a relationship for the past 6 years and now we are thinking of getting married and on going through kundli match our match is just I m in love with a person. We wish to marry. I tried for kundali matching,but i am unable to access the site. So i dont know wat is the score of our kundali match.

Sir,pls help me sir. If u dont mind,pls mail our match to deepa. Sir please consider my request. We are now in case of emergency. Please sir. I have matched my kundli with that of my girlfriend. But the score in Nadi is zero. For all other areas we have full score. Please tell us the consequences and how to remove the same. I am a mangalik whereas my girlfriend is not a mangalik. Please respond on my mail ID. If a particular horoscope does not match by seeing the kundali but there are some persons who have internal powers and they say by seeing the Date of birth and the respective persons photogarph that, their marriage life wont have any problems.

I mean kundali says it does not match but the persons with internal powers says there wont be any problem. How far this is true. Birth time p. I want to know that when will my daughter get married. Are there any dosha in her kundli because we are getting marital proposals for her but due to one or another reason matters do not get finalized. Sir please send reply to my queries as soon as possible as we are very worried regarding her marriage. I will aslo provide the details of my husband and mine.

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We love each other a lot, and somehow things are not working. I am not sure about the manglik status also. Sir, Please confirm whether there is Kalasarpa yoga in the horoscope of my daughter. The astrologers I consulted are differing. I would like to hear your evaluation. Time of birth: 7. We both want to marry each other but parents deny. Did you see any problem in our kundalis? Is our marriage possible?

I like a person. But my parents are against this relation. We have known each other since childhood. Plz have a look at our Kundalis and let us know our Future. We contatced another person. He said there are chances of Divorce. But there must be some remedy to make this relation a success. Please let ue know. We plan to get married soon. Will this relation lead to something bad?? Sir, How do u individually see our marriage date as??

Has anyone done any real statistics on this?? For eg: in many, probably all Muslim countries Guna Milap is not done and marriages last. Pls do not arue that marriages in India are more happy than in the Muslim countries as there is no statistical view point. The Guna Milap is entirely based on the position fo the Moon and always remember that there are many other planets that influence a personality. The western compatibility match is based on positions of all other palnets and so is statistically a much better barometer.

So Astrology is just one aspect of say 10 or 20 aspects that I would consider when I chose my lady:. My details are.. And details of female are.. We got married 3 months back.. I saw this bhakoot dosha.. I am really scared. What is this and how can I remove it from our life.. We have scored maximum marks on all the factors, except in NADI where we scored 0, our total is N N Longitude E E Time Zone -8 Dear sir please check for our compatibility and advise me whether i should proceed with this relationship or not…We are having problems since the day we got back after our broke off.

Is this true?


How can i reduce the gap between 2 of us and maintain a very good and lovable relationship? Hello Sir, Namaskarams to you. My daughters birthstar is Mrigasirsha second Paadam Rishabarasi I have received the horoscope of a boy whose star is ASlesha second paadham, All the other aspects like guna, rashilord, nadi etc seem to agree very well. In some books it is stated that the stars mrigasirsha and aslesha are not matching.

If all the other aspects agree well can the star incompatiblity be overlooked. With humble pranams sadasivan. A Wonderful website with lots of information. Sir i have matched the kundli. It give the total points of Is it a good match. The points are as below. Sriman Namaskar. My date of birth is on 18 August at at Patna time is morning A. After marriage 10 years ago we are not getting success in any thing.

Also our life is not peaceful. Is there any way…any puja…fasting that we can do to avoid the bad affects of the non matching of the gunas. I am dating someone and filled out the compatibility chart. We got 28 points. It says that would be excellent. Such a connection with this person from the second our eyes met. The only thing is the Yoni is 0 and I dont understand what the Yoni means. Are we a good match? Should we get married. What troubles could there be? Melissa Elil Nadi Dosha: If there is nadi dosha in the chart, i. If the lord of rashis of bride and groom are friends.

In only these two scenarios, Nadi dosha is said to be cancelled. As per the above comments i want to know which moon signs are friendly. Please let me know….. In a Chart created using your Chart creation, the dasa goes beyond years I found it goes beyond years, whats the need for such a long dasa period. Kindly restict the dasa to years as normal life expectancy according to Sastras of a native is years and as per current astrological predictions a native may live for upto Six dasas not more than that except in rare exemptions. Varna — 1 Vashya — 0.

Do you think this would be a good match? I would like to say its fabulous to have a site like this. Its so nice of u to maintain a free site without expecting anything which is rare in todays world sharmaji. But i have an issue:- Where are the answers for the above questions? Please respond ASAP….

Thanks in advance for all the help. First Girl: 16 November hours Delhi Cantt Hi Sir, We have used the horroscope compatability software and found all the items got full points except nadi. As a result we got score of Both bride and bride groom have same star Anuradha, Same rasi vruchika, same gana Deva and deer. But nadi for both is madya. Is marriage suggestable in this case.

Please reply at your ease… Thank you very much. Would need some help in this Kundali matching. Can we proceed with marriage with 26 as the matching number. Need this urgently. Groom seem to have some Dosha. Pls let us know if there is a way to overcome this. HI, My name is pavan, and i got aliance with below details. It seems to be bhakkota dosha is there while matching the horo scope. Could you please is there any cancellation for that dhosha. Me and my partner have got point of My concern here is, it is also being said that we have bhakoota dosa, what is the solution to this dosa.

If you could help me out then it will be more helpful. Me and My partner are said said to have Madhyama Rajju Dosha. My star is Mrgasiras and my partner is U U. Is there any complication in this. I have consulted 2 astrologers, they said the marriage will not end more than 6 months. This means we have diff ruling planets how do we tell if the lord rashis are friends?

As per the score the gun milan is 19 but it is showing nadi dsoh, kindly let me know how feasible would it be if we take the maaters forward, Would they be facing sum prob regarding kids or longevity in near future, kindly revert as soon as possible. Male: Anurag Pradip Lodha D. B : time : am birth place : kamptee maharashtra. B : time : pm birth place : ludhiana. I have upload my details and got this following result- my birthdate I want to know how would be my future life. Whether i should go ahead with this proposal.

Please help me to make a wise decision. Dear Sir, my provelom is i was born on poor family but my date of birth not responce my parents. My sons bith detyails r date of birth I humbly request you to address my following queries and do the needful. What are the significant changes that impact the jadagam and what do i need to do? I would greatly appreciate you feedback and guidance at this point in my life. Pl mail me at satishnarasim yahoo.

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Hi, I donot know my birth timings. So approx. I am quoting it as a. My date of birth is 22nd October My birth place is Akola. Because of quoting of this birth time and other parameters, my kundli is not matching with many of the girls. My DOB is Please tell me what are the results. My score is not even 18 so help me out. If there is any way in which we can improve it any puja. Please help me out. Could u plz. And could u plz. I belong to moola nakshatra…………. I am 23 years old.

I am one of the responsible person of my family. I am most favourite of my family and favourite daughter of my father. My father is not at all affected by me in any of the aspects. Well he is proud of having a daughter like me. Please dont discourage any people by telling people are bad ,causes evil and all.

Is this info enough? Will be grateful if you kindly clarify with regard to the importance of Bhakoota guna. The total kutas in our case comes to 25 but the Bhakoota guna is 0. Also the Varna guna is at 0. What are the implications? Will be grateful if you reply back to me asap. Kindly do not publish my e-mail id. Would also like to take this opprotunity to congratulate you on the great user-friendly site that you have developed.

When I matched the kundalis the totall points were 26, which was a very good news. The question is can a non manglik girl marry a manglik, especially if this manglik boy has failed his first marriage. Are there any remidial measures if the horoscopes match with everything else but bing manglik? Please reply on my e-mail address. I have got married in Dec. My marriage is on crossroads. Please tell ways to survive our relationship.

Please reply at gitz2smart yahoo. I am afraid that i am manglik and wanted to know whether he is as well. Hello Sharma garu, I found your site very useful. Your compatibility chart produced following results — Attribute Bride Groom Points Rashi capricorn capricorn ascendant Since Nadi is same, do we have nadi dosha. How will our future be? Will there be any separation according to jataka between us after few yrs of marriage life due to disputes? Will it be good to be apart separated for a while in case of big disputes?

I have two questions, if could plz spare some time. I want my horoscope to be matched with-. Sailesh D. I have a question on yoni. I did the chart matching and total match was Yoni though was having only 1 out of 4 points. We checked our kundli with couple of pandits and all of them had said we goahead with marraige,one of us will die,as our kundli show mrutyushansye dosh,i am not sure what is it ,could you please suggest me some solution for this problem.

Please please do reply to my queries. I heard that the girl and boy should not belong to the same Rajju. Pls reply. According to matching of our horoscope, we are a good match — 25, however, my concern is bhakoota which is zero. My husbands…I think is Poosam. My father says so. Could you tell me about a potential suitors comaptibility if possible. I compared the horoscopes of mine and the girl whom i wish to get married to the result came to be 27, which a per this website is good enough. However, my parents compared our horoscope with a local astrologer who said these horoscopes does not match.

Kindly find the nakshatra match between Aslesha and ravethy stars. How good is the marriage compatibility. Therefore, all the other parameters are fine except the nadi which is same. According to one of you articles, nadi dosha gets cancelled because both of their rashi lords are same. Could you please confirm the same for us. It would be very helpful if you could you please throw some light on it. Our kundli are matching with 16 points and there exist Nadi dosh and Gana dosh. We both are manglik though. The gana of the girl is Manushya and mine is Rakshasa.

The Nadi of both of us is Adya. Besides we love each other and want to marry. Is this marriage possible? Igot this info from a site. Respected Sir, I love a person who inturn loves me a lot. We matched our kundali, but the score is We cant leave each other. We got score of Do u think it is necessary to see all those things even after getting a very good score of What my Zodiac sign it was ,some books were says Pisces Meena rasi , some other says Cancer karkataka rasi what actually my Zodiac sign and how was my carier when i can get job.

It will be really great if you could include some examples in the match making. In the sense — if following is the match points then would you recommend to go ahead or not. Is it so that if one of the prospective couple has anyone of these mahanakstras anuradha,makha,mrigshira,swathi then there is no need to check out the horoscope matching for marriage as the ill effects would be cancelld. Moon in scorpio is debilitated and moon rules over emotions, if tht is so, can anuradha natives maintain a gud relation ship in marital life inspite of having a debilitated moon and why is it chosen to be a mahanakshtra inspite this falls in deblitated rasi of the moon?

I have read it somewhere tht debilitaion of moon can be cancled is it so, if so how? I am planning to marry my friend. Our castes are different, will it be possible for me to marry her by convinsing my parents. I may travel abroad this monthend… before that i need to marry her or should i return and go ahead.

I am planning to marry my lover. Please reply me waiting for ur reply please sir. Respected Sir, I am planning to marry a guy. We are in love for past 5 years. We both have adjustment character. Just have one query regarding Bhakota the match was 0 for me but overall was Hi Astrologers , I am providing you the bride and groom details kindly advise the marriage prospect , If any dosh is there how to avoid it , we both love each other and want to spend our life together.

I am aware that I am a Manglik. I just wanted to know whether it is going to be a Love marriage or arranged marriage for me. And when would be my marriage take place? Please reply as soon as possible. I am planning to get married with my gf. Earlier everything was fine when we took this step of marriage. If so, is there any remedies to remove this nadi dosh effects?

I would highly appreciate if you could provide more useful information on this match compatibility. When he will get married? By his Horoscope there is a Mar in his Lagna house, what do you suggest for finding him a match. What we have to consider while selecting a girl match to his horoscope. I will be highly obligued if you will guide me as a father of a son.

Kindly help us to retain our relation.

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  8. Thanks n Regards. I blessed baby boy on 9th sep at 9. I just want to know on which starting letter he should be named. I checked in web site his rasi as dhanus and nakshatra as purvsada 1st pada. Kindly give me solution soon to my mail id. I am planning to marry a girl, but my parents said that rajju dosha is there and so I can not marry. Would you please confirm. The Match ponts are Varna-0 vashya-2 Tara Boy is having Sun and Moon in Sagittarius the 4th house from Moon, and Jupiter exalted in 4th house cancer from Lagna.

    But considering dasha Sandhi of boy and girl Maha dasha of Mars start for girl on 10th March , For boy Mahadasha of Saturn start on 21st march Considering all these is the marriage advisable? I am poosam and lover is pooradam,we dont have rajju porutham,its ooru rajju. Hi sir,I am a Singaporean muslim. I found your website to be very interesting. Can you please do the reading for me. I am married now,jus curious to know more. I would also like to know about my financial readings sir,cause i am planning to venture in business.

    My boyfriend and I hope to get married sometime within the next 3 or 4 years. However, upon doing the kundali matching on this site, the score is My details: Birth date — 2nd May, Time — His details: Birth date — 1st April, Time — Hi,we have a guna score of However, we have full points in Bhrukut,Nadi and Graha maitri.

    Thanks a ton! Details are as posted above and the result using your free guna milap says The bride has manushya gana and groom rakshas gana. In graha maitri are sun and saturn groom cut-throat enemies that a zero is given? Please help me out here. I am Kiran, and after having the kundali map i got But, I got graha maitri points of 0.

    Actually, we love each other, and as our parents are much concerned about the horoscope match, we had to convince them in this aspect. Dear Mr Sharma. Rest all aare full marks. Will bhatuka will be bad for the couple? Other point of worry is my son is mrig Varga but the bride is Simha who are supposedto be enemies. Shal I arrange or the marriage? Regds S. Chatterjee Hello Sir, I used the software on the website.

    I got a match of 26 with the person am in love with But it says Bhakoot 0 Will that be a problem? Our parents will be keen on horoscope matching.. My birthdate is 6th june, , 4. His parents have tried matching ou horoscope in mangalore, the results coem that it is not at all matching. My Gf and I are planing on getting married. We understand that people grow as time passes, and right now we maybe the same but the future may hold something else…so if you can please let us know about our compatibilty, so we can make the right choices…..

    Do you think it is possible to request your help in kundali milap. I would really appreciate any help offered. Dear Sir, Is there a compulsion or any rule that forbids a guy marrying a girl elder to him by 11 months? Can the horoscopes be matched as per sastras? Does Hindu Sastra has any say to it? Please let me know if the following is a good match. Is there are remedy for bahukoota dosha. However, the sex of the divisions of the zodiac is reversed from what is ideal his is more female, mine more male and distance of my moon to his is shortest rather than other way around i.

    There is also an issue with geography we currently live in different countries. I am not sure this is viable partnership and how long it could last. Could you advise? Now we are engaged also. But knowingly we gave different horoscope of him for matching so that parents will agree. Till almost 2 years today thought we had little misunderstanding I feel he is really really caring and even he feels the same about me. Could you please help us to avoid any problems in our future life by suggesting some pooja.

    Our details are as follows.. Namaste Sharma ji! This is regarding the match that my parents are currently serious about and all together the points were The Graha Mitri is 0. His moon is Leo and my Moon is Libra, while communicating with him I felt sometimes he is not very attentive to what I m talking or what I m feeling.. Is it because of the graha migtri doesnot match? I will be very thankful if you can tell me the possible uncomfortable circumstances and let me know if I can go ahead with the match!

    Thanking you in advance. For matrimoniyal purposes, my 30 gana are matching out of Reason being the boy belongs to demon categaory n i belong to manushya category. Do u think i should go for this match? My matching gana is But the only compatibility is 0. Please advice what would be the effect of this in our future life — will we be compatible to each other or not.

    My other gana are as follows: Varna 1; vasya 2; Tara 1. Also U say that I — girl has a small effect of Mangalik. Please advice whether I can go ahead with the match or not? Could you please tell me if this will be a major problem for us? Pls let me know if these are compatible horoscopes… coz i hv mars n saturn in 8th house frm lagna and he has mars n saturn in 9th house frm lagna n 8th house frm rashi… also is there anything pooja that can be done to make good this relationship?

    Pls let me know ASAP sir…. I am from Kerala and i am looking for grooms. But when grooms family checked with one of the famous astrologer in South India, he said that both horoscopes cannot be matched because female dosha is more than male dosha. Could you please advise in this regard. I really like that girl. Will this Gana dosh create problem in future? I mean how important is this for the future? I am really tensed. Can you please help me?

    Dear Sir, I am a hindu brahmin girl deeply in love with a hindu but sindhi Guy. We are in relation from last 7years. And now we are planning to get married. His parents are ready for our relation and I have also asked my father about this. Plz also advice the solution if there is any problem. Appreciate your advice in advance. Thank you.

    Dear Sir, I am from srilanka. I am looking at your site and trying to figure out how to calculate the time of my birth and partners birth to check for compatibility. I am having trouble entering the information accurately and the site is displaying a page error. I do not want a full reading, unless it is a reasonable price or free. I did just receive a full reading a few days ago. However, where I had it done they accidentally gave me the wrong charts from their computer print out.

    I am just trying to enter the information in on your website and it is giving me an error message. I highly believe in this system and know the value and power in it. I am praying for healing in this relationship and intuitively feel we are suited for marriage. We have been together for 3 years off and on and know he is going through Katu and I am in Rahu and the end of the cycle in will come for greater things. Are we suited for marriage? Can we handle polyamory or are we suited for monogamy? Will we always struggle in our relationship and our finances or will things improve over the next 5 years or so?

    I am in the unknown and open to things changing. We were separated for 8 months and have reconnected this past weekend with the india saint Amma! Since last few days, the horoscope matching section is not appearing. Is there any problem or the section has been cancelled. Hi , My name is Preeti Koshi. I am going to marry a girl. I humbly request you to go thru our horoscope and suggest the remedies for bhakut dosha. I am sure that you are very busy, but I would appreciate any help that you can provide.

    I have been married for 2 years and am having some serious problems to the point that we are considering divorce. I just wanted to know if there is any hope for us — or if there is no compatibility in our charts. Bride: 4th july pm no date light savings 28N59, 77E It wil be of great help if any you can plz guide us and give us some solution on this issue. Please help me. I got me and my girlfriends kundli matched from an astrologer and got big dosha in girls kundli and he advised to stay away from this marriage.

    I am in desprate need of valuable advise from you. Here are the details:. Good Morning Sir i email to you my detail yday bt havent receive any reply from u,im really waiting for the answer sir,Please do reply my email sir. Good Morning Sir,sorry to disturb u at tis time, i nvr receive any reply from your site, bt my comments was deleted,my comment not approved? Do reply im waiting for your advise.

    For that I need know how to calculate planetary positions. Please help me!! Sir, Praveen here. I wish to check the matchings with my life partner. Could you please tell me the steps to find itmatchings? Respected sir, I would like to know the details of marriage compatibility. Are we mangalik? Sir, Pl. Kindly give me the recommendation. Pl also suggest the solution for Graha maitri dosha n others.

    Sir, Please tell me when i will be able to concieve a child, me and my husband are trying from 2 months for a baby. MY details. Date of birthth may Place-Gauribidanur, kolar district, karnataka state Time Hello Sir, My name is S. My date of birth is 12th june My parents accepted first our love and now again they are making problem because our horoscopes are not mathcing it seems..

    But three years we are together and how can i leave him now. Please reply back soon.

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    I am confused like anything. Please help me out from this. Myself got married on januray5th Just after 2weeks of our marriage, there started conflicts between me and my wife. Since then till now we have a very bad marriage life. Kindly suggest me your recommendations and till what time this bad phase will be going to continue or this will be there for ever. Pls help me and mail me at above mentioned email id. Husband Name- Mr. Wife- Name-Mrs.

    Dear Sir, I am having many problems related my career,about my marriage. I have almost change 5 jobs still i m not having a proper desire job secondly about my marriage my boyfriend sunsign is cappricon and my is libra. Plz reply on my mail id. Dear Sir, Your Astrological notes are really good and looks like a encyclopedia to me thank you so much for publishing these articles on the website. I am facing a critical situation in taking a decission regarding my marriage. I checked the compatiblity for us where it says 26 out of 36 but nadi is 0. Could you kindly let us know regarding the horoscope compatablity between myself and my friend.

    Depending upon your result we are thinking to approach to our parents for the next step. I would like to know whether we would be having 1. Good understanding between us like now 2. Development in life Also, It would be really grateful if u could get me clear whether my horoscope is subject to cancellation of mangalik dosha or not. Boy was born on 16th may , hrs in Madurai and Girl was born on 14th feb , in Chennai I am eagerly waiting for your reply sir. Thank you,. Details are as follows: Bride Date of birth — Dec time of birth — Details are as follows: Groom Date of birth — July time of birth — 2.

    Bride Date of birth — May time of birth — Pls help us by giving the remedies for Manglik dosh which occur in our kundli.. Hi, I am widow with 2 kids and Bridegroom is also a widower with 1 kid, I want to see is our horoscope matching for us to proceed further. Because we already faced tough time by losing the first spouse. I am also a Mangalik. We both have a good understanding till now.

    Two kids from my first marriage and one kid from his first marriage is good enough for us. Please advice, could we move futher.. Below is our details. Thanks a lot, I look forward for your reply. Please help us, I apretiate all your help. Whether I am able to work in foreign country or I will get government Job in india. When will be my marriage? Please kindly guide me.

    Part 5 - Saptarishis Astrology Interviews Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra

    I wanted to know how is varna decided in kundali matching? How important is garh matri milan during kudali matching? Please advice and send a mail to my id provided. Is this match compatible. Can we get them both married? Please clarify our confusion. I chanced upon your website and found it to be very very illuminating. Please accept a heartfelt thanks. Best wishes. Marriage is delayed. Hi this is Vineela my date of birth 6-dec PM Rajamundry.

    I got married and trafered to delhi location am not getting jobs.

    What Experts Say

    I am attending for the interviews but am not getting the offer kindly let me know the reason behind this. I have 4. Every thing going on fine in interviews still am not selected kindly let me know remedy. I came up with these results using the applet. Is this marriage considered to be preferable??? Thank you for you help. Varna-0 Vasya Sir,i have got some queries and for that i am sending my date of birth details. Queries:- 1. Will i get a govt job or a private software job? Are there chances that i can go to abroad after marriage?

    When will i be getting married? Kindly Acknowledge and send that to my mail:email2myaccount gmail. I am Suhasini, i want to know to know do i have a chance to go abroad if yes when. Date of birth: 02 December Time of birth Hi,What is the padam for Apr at AM. I knwo that it is Shatabhisha nakshatram. But how to knwo the padam? And how padam will be predicted? Namaskar Pandit ji, Please help me in taking a decision.

    Please do my match making analysis. I dnt want to loose him.