Galaxy center astrology

On the level of pure physics, there is a lot of extra electromagnetic energies that will hit your system the next few months and it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie as you move into hyper-drive so make sure that you take it easy, kick you feet up, take a warm bath, meditate and relax.

Galactic Center Astrology

The world will seem like it is changing in a big way. Astrologer Shelley Ackerman wrote an interesting article about some of the people who have had major influence in the world had their Sun conjunct the Galactic Center. Use the extra energy to create a better world. It would seem, as the case studies will show, that individuals whose charts connect strongly to the Galactic Centre GC can have an impact on the world that reaches far beyond the personal when given access to information that others would prefer to keep hidden and when they have the means and motivation to share that information on a huge scale.

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More to come! Saturn is fully in Sagittarius now in the constellation of Mula Sagittarius Saturn is very slow here and it will remain in this constellation until March 1st but will retrograde back there on June 4th for much of Saturn in Mula will not let you escape from the past, symbolized by Ketu.

General Features of Galactic Spiral Arm Structure

It requires that you take responsibility for past karma and do something to make it right. So like one of the 12 steps from AA, one has to make amends for those that we have hurt or injured and that has to be a theme for the coming years. So stretch out your hand first, say that you are sorry and do something to correct your mistakes. This transit can make us face and address those ugly parts of our personality and correct our flaws and purify them so that we can become a better person.

It is never an easy process but Saturn will not let up on us. Draw on your wisdom and insights from the past and from past lives to make those transformations now.

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  8. A romantic rival? His words. When he flaked out, I already knew the issue.


    In my research into the exact meaning of the Galactic Center in natal and synastry charts, I was disappointed to find a lot of philosophizing and not much solid advice. There is a creative God-spark type force that seems the opposite of the Pluto destruction, tearing down, then re-generating type force. It is unadulterated energy when the Galactic Center conjuncts the Sun in synastry, and it is flavored according to any planet or mathematical point that conjuncts it, other than the sun.

    There it was, out there by its lonesome between 26 and 27 degrees Sagittarius. No aspects to any major planets or points in my chart. There it is. Not conjunct anything. You have to know where to look. My romantic relationship composite charts and some close friendships often have some of the same aspects.

    Galactic Center Astrology

    I rarely have Venus conjunct Mars synastry, but almost always Venus conjunct Sun in wide orb or better , and a variety of Venus, Juno, Vertex aspects usually conjunctions or oppositions, which definitely catch my attention. To me, the Anti-Vertex is expressed as a deep, deep bond that is unusual in intensity.

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    What about other intensely bonded relationships? My older daughter and I are especially close, so I ran our chart and found out that we have our Galactic Center conjunct Moon in about 1 degree.

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    Galactic Center conjunct Saturn in approximately 2 degrees. Ascendant unknown. I ran charts for various short-term flings and found little to nothing in the way of Galactic Center aspects.

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    No conjunctions—even in wide orb—nor oppositions or squares. Some physical attraction, but nothing really enduring. Again, like the relationships. At this point, I decided to see what sorts of conjunctions I might find if I went through every name in my personal astrology database, which includes names and birth info of past romantic partners, family, members of my spiritual circle, some coworkers, and lots and lots of friends. What I found next was downright eerie. My database is a very old one, so it should be no surprise that the first name on the list after mine was a former romantic partner with whom I had a turbulent long-term relationship.

    The turbulence stemmed from several things, astrologically.

    Astrology-The Galactic Center

    First, we had Pluto opposite Sun in synastry so we have constant power struggles. Second, he had that annoying Venus conjunct Pluto aspect in his natal chart, which tends toward narcissistic behaviors. With his Virgo Ascendant and Libra Sun, he had the analytical traits that I find so massively appealing in a man and yet we had almost nothing in common outside our intellect. When I ran our chart to see where the Galactic Center was, to my surprise, it was exactly conjunct our Composite Sun, in wider conjunction with Mercury and Mars—and our Descendant.

    Yes, you know we did get a lot accomplished while we were together. Definitely a significant pairing if not often a happy one.