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As we scrolled endlessly for Instagram birthday posts -- we made the shocking discovery that Leos represented our second largest astrological bunch in Paradise. The most expressive and flamboyant sign of the zodiac, Leos often get "swept away in personal theatrics and romantic affairs", which -- ahem -- checks out.

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Paddy, Alex Nation, Cass and Connor are all Leos, the fire sign represented by the proud lion that hates coming in second and being ignored. It makes sense that none of our Leos made moves on each other because there'd probably be too much ego and jealousy for one relationship!

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But given the abundance of Leos and Capricorns in Paradise even though Brooke, Paddy and Party Brittney have now left are the two signs a recipe for success, or disaster? According to AstroStyle -- the temperaments of the image-obsessed signs are like "night and day" and the coupling could lead to a "vanity and superficial dynamic".

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Which means it was probably for the best that Alex Nation called time on her connection with Brooke. Ah, Libra, the hopelessly romantic and charming sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and luxury -- but also the sign that is completely unable to make any decisions.

Librans tend to be quite happy sitting on the fence and are often terrified of being disliked by anyone. Our Libras in Paradise James, Shannon and Alisha have been true to form -- careful not to hurt anyone's feelings, usually to their own detriment.

James and Alisha probably would have been better off telling Alex Nation and Jules respectively to shove it basically immediately, in our astrologically informed opinion. This especially applies to your family responsibilities. Your destiny is based upon the decisions you make.

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