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Bryanna Collier - April 28, Virgo Style: Allie at Holt Renfrew. Bryanna Collier - November 29, I'm often scouring the web for great astrology related products but I hit the jackpot when I saw that Zara had released, The Horoscope Collection. I've been trying to quit shopping for the past while - but getting my own astrological signed purse was too hard to resist. Read more.

When Holt Renfrew's invitation to meet Iris Apfel popped up in my inbox, my first feeling was extreme excitement. I was going to meet one of the most important style influencers of our time! Then my mind shifted to another great reason to go, and I began plotting to Alexandra is one of my friends, and one of my favourite connections with her is a love of art and fashion. As an artist and a costumer, she knows what clothes mean to people and how they can transform perception.

In fact, she grew up learning the zodiac with her alphabet. She has a practical, sensitive and inspiring approach to astrology and has a thriving world-wide practice. She also offers powerful, transformative Radiant Life Retreats for women twice a year in Ojai, California. She is also the founder and driving force behind the Hello Love Experiment, a worldwide effort to encourage people to meet the world and one another, first and foremost, with love.

It is her passion and commitment to speak of the depth of who we are and to grow into the next outrageous blossoming of our true selves. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.

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Connect with Heidi Twitter Facebook Youtube. In my one-on-one practice, I love to help people identify their greatest gifts and encourage the fullest offering of those gifts. We address obstacles along the way, shed a few tears, laugh at our stubbornness and generally move towards our next concrete step in living more radiant lives.

You have so many wonderful offerings for your clients-one of the things you do that I really love are the Radiant Life retreats. So what does going on retreat with astrology look and feel like and where did the idea to work with clients in this way come from? My education is in the expressive arts and my father is an astrologer. So, in a way, it was a no-brainer for these two worlds to intersect.

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But what happens when they do? How does that feel? What is possible with that combination? I think of it as a heightened language that can pierce our hearts when the language of the day to day cannot reach. I love feeling how a poem lands in a group and opens up space for deeper truth-telling. The retreats came out of a desire to teach in an experiential way and to feel the goodness and healing that can emerge when we gather with an intention of living our most radiant life as a gift for others.

Can you talk a little about how this territory informs your work and how astrology can help us explore that territory? Well, this is the juicy stuff. How does the vastness of our heart meet the morning rush getting the kids ready for school?

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How does our soul purpose meeting the daily grind? How do the most heightened experiences of our lives breathe into our day to day tasks and imbue them with light and love? I love to LIVE in these questions. I love to practice feeling my own closure, my own self-imposed confinement and then remembering the BILLIONS of others on the planet who are each wrestling their way into the light. Every time I feel sad or heavy or creaky or cranky, I try to take one breath into something much larger than myself.

I try to remember the love of the sky or the breath of a valley. One of the reasons I love poetry so much is I think it is a VAST language and yet can touch us at the most immediate level. The feeling I get from much of your work is that you fuse your astrology skills with self-improvement, development, and empowerment. Can you talk about how astrology helps us with these goals? Astrology is a tool to help us see who we truly are. I like to think of myself as an year-old woman and I like to imagine a young person coming to sit with me in silence for a time. Astrology is deeply inspiring because it reminds us of who we can become.

Let your heart be drawn to something or someone beautiful. Breathe in that beauty.

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Just for one minute. Bless someone. Let your whole heart usher forth goodness and inspiration for another. Send a stream of silent blessing. Life begins to vibrate with a kind of sweetness and peace when we manage to do those two things daily. The world of social media has allowed Sacred Artists to present their insights and offerings in a variety of new and unique ways. One of the most popular ways to present information right now is to use video to do so. Videos are easier than ever to make and they allow for the kind of one on one intimacy that we find in working face to face but also enable us to work with people all over the world.

And no one is doing a video like my featured guest. I hope, dear readers, that you will join me in giving my first guest a warm round of virtual applause — for Navjit Kandola is truly one of a kind! I met Navjit in Santa Fe about a year ago we sat down for tea and immediately connected. She is a forward-thinking innovator with razor-sharp insight and I love many things about her work — but I especially love how she integrates film with intuition; this is a wonderful, fresh, take on an art form that can sometimes seem stuck in a bygone era. Her one on one on one sessions are jam-packed with wisdom as well as practical actions you can take to foster your alignment and illumination right now.

Of course, the person who speaks most eloquently about her work is Navjit herself, sit back and enjoy! You can connect to Navjit on Facebook and Twitter. You may learn more about her one on one sessions and book one today right here. Navjit Kandola Spiritual advisor, educator, speaker, and filmmaker. Navjit writes regularly in her spirited style on her blog site www.

Many Branches is a monthly guest post written by some of the brightest folks I know. They may or may not work in the world of Sacred Arts, but they always have wisdom and insight that applies to all of us! We riffed on why fear can be a great teacher , how reality is limited and limiting , and the good, bad, and ugly sides of manifestation among other things.

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I hope you enjoy it and I hope you learn something! This is the pet idea of the Party of Hardheaded Realists. That unlimited growth can be accomplished with limited materials and limited intelligence, only shows the unlimited courage and self-confidence of these Great Minds. That unlimited economic growth implies unlimited consumption, which in turn implies unlimited pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth, only makes the prospect even more unlimited. True confession: Being a mom and running your own amazing company is hard work. Being a mom is hard. Running a company is hard.

Doing both…hard! Also, awesome, beautiful, blessed-absolutely yes, but sometimes on the interweb I think the beauty can be overemphasized and the difficulties minimized. I am ridiculously blessed to be able to work from home, bring in great money, and be with my 18 month old joy and light, of that there is no question.

But it is also a challenge. Like when I look on various social networking sites and see that my colleagues can be so much more active-because their early mornings and late evenings are not monopolized by baby stuff, or when I know that I could grow my business even bigger, faster, more profitably if I did not have to allocate so much time a day to, you know, rearing a child. But having a business, a child, a thriving family simply accentuates something that we all-men, women, moms or not have to deal with — limitations.

My time is limited-having a baby just makes it more clear-but it was true before and it will be true once he is, God willing, all grown up. My energy is limited-again-always has been, always will be. What I know is that these limits are not something to be overcome, transcended, broken through-they are present in my life as reminders that there are natural limits all the time. No one eco-system can support all forms of life. Trees, plants, animals, water sources-typically grow within a limited space with limited food supply and limited support-this is a healthy ethic.

When they are unbounded or unlimited they choke out other species, the flood, they catch fire. Growing monocultures like corn year after year, season after season is an example of unlimited growth-and you know what? It kills. It kills the soil, it kills diversity, it kills the life of a small farm and the small scale economy that is natural and needed for the farm to survive.

Unlimited growth is seen in corporations-that pollute, deceive, and concern themselves only with the bottom line. I think some of this is good-it comes out of our Democratic belief that circumstance should not be a limiting factor on who you can be and what you can achieve, all minority groups have benefited from it in part and we have collectively accomplished great things. But when we look to nature we see limits-and we may find how richly life thrives when limits are embraced and accepted.

We spend so much time wanting to grow, develop, progress, make more, do more, see more that we forget to stand strongly where we are right now in this moment, after all, it could be our last. May we all be limited. May we know our limitations and be grateful for them, for they are the boundaries which keep us honest, impeccable, and full of integrity-in our work, our lives, our relationships, and our hearts.

Skip to content D ear Miracles: We are coming off a Void of Course Moon in Virgo and I thought it would be a good time to say a few words about what exactly a Void of Course Moon is and how you can work most effectively with it.

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D ear Miracles, When I started doing business on the web I quickly discovered that writing for a website was different than any kind of writing I had ever done before. Discover Alex at the following hot spots: Site: AlexanraFranzen. How HOT is that? Write Yourself into Motion workshops — tell me everything!

Oh, universe. Before I sit down to write anything — an email, a blog post, a text message, a love note — I ask myself three questions: 1. How do I want my reader to feel? What do I want my reader to know?

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What do I want my reader to do? Knock everything off your to-do list, except for the one thing that matters. And then shelve that task for later, too … and instead? D ear Miracles, Alchemy is often presented as a difficult to understand to say the least! In Her Own Words: Writer, teacher, business strategist, and energy alchemist, Hiro Boga teaches transformational programs and mentors creative women who want to shape a world in which soul and entrepreneurship, passion, and profit walk hand in hand.

If you could give one piece of wisdom to my readers today, what would it be? D ear Miracles, Heidi Rose Robbins is one of the few folks that make the stars come alive for me.